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Unit 4 Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children's and young people's settings. SHC 024 1/ 1.1 Duty of care would be defined as having a legal obligation to provide a level of care to the best of your abilities towards your service user. While following employers policies and procedures, it's about avoiding abuse and injury to individuals their friends and family and their property. 1.2 Us as carers have to act accordingly to all I.e co-workers, healthcare professionals, themselves as well as our services users. For us to do this we must follow employers policies and procedures, ensuring health, safety , welfare of service user, follow codes of practice, keep all course up to date and stick to job description and own competence. 2/ 2.1 There are a few dilemmas that come to mind, refusing food, an activity, medication or a treatment, any conflicts should try to be resolved in a manor which pleases both sides. Human rights act states they can make decision about own life, we can try and explain the pros and cons about their decision and guide them if still can't come to an resolve. 2.2 If a resolution can't be found then I would be able to find further support and advice from my co-workers, management, if required then more advice can be found in outside agencies like Cqc, ousted, AHCP, etc. 3/ 3.1 I would respond to a complaint by a few simple steps:- *listen to complaint *giving the complainant time and respect *document all information *reporting information to senior member of staff or management *accessing the complaints policy *ensure that complainant has access to complaint procedures *ensure that complainant knows what will be happening next and under what sort of time frame. 3.2 The main points of handling complaints would be:- *keep detailed record of incident *identify what went wrong *see what outcome

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