Unit 364 Dementia

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365 – Understand the process and experience of dementia Outcome 1 1. Dementia Syndrome is caused by damage to the brain cells. This damage causes interference with brain cells causing them to not be able to communicate to eachother. When brain cells can’t communicate normally thinking, feelings and behaviour can be affected by it. The brain has different regions, each of which is responsible for a different function. When cells in a particular region have been damaged, it can no longer carry out its functions correctly. 2. Types of memory impairment caused by dementia commonly experienced by individuals are forgetting what an item is used for, not remembering knowing a person, begins to use language skills, loses sense of time, impairment of general short term memory, becoming easily lost in familiar surroundings and having little or no awareness of cognitive impairment. 3. People with dementia often confuse the generations, such as, mistaking their wife for their mother, for example. This can be very distressing for their family members, but it's a natural part of their memory loss. The individual with dementia may be trying to interpret a world that no longer makes sense to them because their brain is processing information wrong. Sometimes the individual with dementia and those around them will misinterpret each other's attempts at communication. These misunderstandings can be difficult, and may require support. These difficulties with communication can very upsetting. Their ability to process information gets weaker and response becomes delayed. Visual processing, body movement, auditory process and language are all directly affected. 4. The brain is an entire system; if one part is not working at the normal level then the rest will be affected which can cause confusion, hallucinations, delusions and false beliefs. Other factors can cause
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