Unit 347 Using Email Essay

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Unit 347 – Using Email Our main method of communication at First B2B is emailing. We have our own personal First B2B email, which is used more for communicating with colleagues, people within the building or the main reception. We also have the support and project portals in which we use to keep our clients up to date with support cases and projects that they are involved in. When composing an email it is important to consider the text format so the font, text size, and colour. Using different colours, sizes and fonts is useful to highlight sections of text or single words, for instance, I quite often use italics if I am quoting something/ someone or if I am forwarding an email. It is important to use paragraphs so that information is broken up and more interesting to read, paragraphs can be formatted using bullet points, number lists, or just general spacing. It is important to prioritise the information…show more content…
You simply have to select the emails you want to archive and chose the archive option from the menu bar, this holds the emails in a separate mailbox until you either move them or delete them. Our First B2B portals automatically archive cases and projects for 30 days so if clients ever come back with issues we can reopen cases or prove that we have done all that we can. If there is no need to archive an email but you want to be able access it easily, you can 'flag' it, which means it will constantly remain at the very top of your inbox, flags can also be colour coded as to the email importance. You can also add and remove folders so email can be stored correctly, for instance, I have a folder for my personal email and a folder for my work email. Attachments can be stored in various different ways so you can go into your setting preferences to chose how you want attachments to be stored if you have received an email including
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