Unit 323 Health And Social Care Essay

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Certificate in Leadership and Management Skills level 3 Unit 323 Understanding health and safety in the workplace. Lindsey Dillon The organisations policy and responsibilities for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. In our workplace we follow the health and safety at work act 1974. The act is to be followed by both employers and employees whilst your employer is responsible for your health and safety you must help. Some of the current legislation is: What employers can do for you Decide what could harm you in your job and the precautions to stop it. This is part of risk assessment. In a way you can understand, explain how risks will be controlled and tell you who is responsible for this. Consult and work with you and your…show more content…
Risk Assessments and Safety Checks Our aim is to ensure that the indoor and outdoor spaces, furniture and equipment are checked to ensure that they are safe and suitable for this purpose. Risk assessments & Safety Checks At Genesis Day care Nursery Ltd, we recognise that children learn through play and exploration, and therefore need the opportunity to experience situations where they are able to try things out, and to take small risks. Being too overprotected can prevent children from learning about possible dangers, and about how to protect them from harm. To minimise risks and hazards in the setting to children, a full risk assessment is carried out daily in all rooms at the start and at the end of each day. All risks are recorded on the sheets provided in each room. In addition, a risk assessment is carried out on the outdoor area every morning before the children go outside to play. Children from the pre-school room invited to join in and assess their own area of the yard. Safety checks of the indoor and outdoor areas are carried out daily and will have regards to the following:  Damaged or broken toys  Security, including the fences and
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