Unit 31 Dementia

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DEM 312 UNDERSTAND AND ENABLE INTERACTION AND COMMUNICATION WITH INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE DEMENTIA There are different types of dementia:--Alzheimers, Vascular, Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Frontal Temporal Dementia Alzheimers--- those in early stages may have lapses in memory or have problems trying to find the right words during a conversation, they may appear to stutter as they try to get the word they want to use. As the disease progresses they may forget names especially of loved ones, places they know well and recent events. Vascular---those with this dementia may have concentration lapses and could find any type of communication difficult to cope with, they may only have sense of their own reality which could be about their past and they will be 100% sure that they are living that reality no…show more content…
Try not to use complicated phrases or words, use words that they are able to understand and relate to. If the individuals struggling to understand you try to remain calm and have some patience, use other means of communicating as mentioned above keeping calm will help and reassure the individual and they will also be calm and less stressed. Listening is a massively important part of communication, even if the individual is telling you something they've told you for the 10th time today, they think its the first time so when responding to them try to do it like you've not heard it before. Body gestures, facial expressions and body language are all important in communicating, the individual will become withdrawn if they can sense that you are stressed, on edge or wound up, these can also help you understand the individual during the conversation too, try not to invade their personal space as this can appear to be overpowering and intimidating to the
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