Unit 307 Essay

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Unit 4222-307 Legislation and codes of practice relating to handling information are the data protection act 1998 and also the freedom of information act 2000. In accordance with legislation data stored must be kept secure and only kept for as long as necessary. It has to be accurate and relevant and not excessive. It also cannot be moved to somewhere without adequate protection. 2.1- manual- at work all written documentation is stored alphabetically in locked offices. Our care plans have an ‘access to resident file’ form in the front which residents or their families fill in letting everybody know who is allowed to access the information. Electronic- documents stored electronically e.g. on a computer are protected by fire walls and anti-virus software as well as passwords which are changed on a regular basis and only authorised personnel have access to. 2.3- it is important that the records we have are kept up to date, complete, accurate, and legible to ensure that people are receiving the care and support that they need as their needs may change. When taking telephone calls it is important that you take the person’s name and ask them to spell any words you have not heard and repeat anything that you may have misheard or miss interpreted. You should also take a return phone number in case you need to call back and check details. 3.1- it is important that everybody understands the importance of the secure handling of information so that they are working ain accordance with the data protection act 1998 and company policies and procedures, and also so that the people whose information you have are kept safe. If you or somebody you work with are unsure on how to keep information secure don’t hesitate in asking for advice from your manager. 3.2- in my job role I have to be able to support others to contribute to record keeping whether it is daily
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