Unit 306 - How to Contribute to Innovation and Change Within the Organisation

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UNIT 306 HOW TO CONTRIBUTE TO INNOVATION AND CHANGE WITHIN THE ORGANISATION Innovation in a business environment is not about doing the same thing better, but about doing something different to improve the end result. It helps keep the business competitive, by trying different methods to improve business opportunities. Customer service can be improved by providing a better service, one which benefits both provider and customer. Reduction in waste can be a result of innovation in a business environment by, once again, applying different methods to put this into operation. It is important to review existing ways in a positive way because it can strengthen the business and help build trust with customers and employees. This can be done in a number of ways including customer feedback, where a questionnaire is sent to the customer for them to give their views on the business. An employee survey, once again, a questionnaire being given to the employee for their views on the business and their role in the business. Team meetings, where each team can have an informal meeting to listen to the review and put forward their suggestions/opinions. It can even be done by having an employee suggestion plan, where the employee can put forward their suggestions and if necessary not put their name to it. Three benefits of team work, when contributing to innovation are the utilisation of existing staff to help improve the service provided. Any extra resources needed can be identified, whether more staff are required to maintain a better customer service. Also when a team come together to share their ideas, it can help to break down any barriers that may exist between team members and their peers. Behaviour and attitudes within a team can help support innovation. They will have a willingness to be involved, enthusiasm and motivation. These will help because the team

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