Unit 304 Duty Of Care Essay

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UNIT 304 OUTCOME ONE 1.1 Duty of care is a requirement that all professionals working within the care sector must have, which means that the interests of the service user should always come first, also to keep them safe from harm. There are expectations for the service user that we should keep them safe from harm and not to be neglected or exposed to any unnecessary risks. Also to build a relationship and to ensure that their best interests and needs are met and to ensure we show the upmost respect to their families and friends. OUTCOME ONE 1.2 We also have a duty of care to safeguard all residents in our care this includes protecting them from any sort of harm such as illness, abuse or injury. This means all agencies and families working together and taking…show more content…
You can also contact your regulator for advice about how to implement the code of practice. If you are a member of a professional association or a trade union, they will also be able to offer advice about any uncertainties you have about whether you are exercising a duty of care towards the people you support effectively. OUTCOME THREE 3.1 Responding to a complaint as soon as possible even if it’s just o explain the process and give a commitment to a certain timeframe: - Sticking to the timeframe given, - Keep the complainant informed, - Give a full response to important issues and answer so that the complainant can see it is being taken seriously and is working on being resolved, - give any reasons for delays. OUTCOME THREE 3.2 The main points of agreed procedures for handlings complaint * Directly, by supporting them in following the complaints procedure * Indirectly, by making sure that they are aware of the complaints procedure and are able to follow

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