Unit 303 Outcome One

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Outcome 1: Understand the purpose and benefits of respecting and supporting other people at work Outcome 7: Be able to respect and support other people at work in an organisation 1.1, 1.2 The purpose of supporting other people at work is that they feel more comfortable in their role resulting in getting more work done and you can build a healthy working relationship with that person. If no one supports anyone else then businesses can’t succeed as you aren’t working as part of a team. Working as a team towards an overall goal improves individuals, the team and the business as one. 1.3 Diversity means that someone is different from the majority; for example, a different religion or nationality to where they live etc. There are many benefits to having a diverse workforce for an organisation. The biggest benefit is the creativity this brings in when making decisions or finding solutions to issues. Different cultures can give you a completely different insight in decision making. Also, with diversity you will get a completely different way of working which can inspire a team’s productivity. 1.4, 7.4 The benefits to working in a diverse workforce is that it gives me confidence to talk to people that are different age, gender, race, religion etc. I can learn things that I previously wouldn’t be able to do if we were all the exact same. The different ideas can impact directly on the way I work and can help me to become more efficient. Working in a diverse workforce means that I need to remember the organisational procedures and legal requirements regarding discrimination legislation in the work place, I need to respect others and their points of view. 1.5, 7.2 It is very important to be aware of any serious issues a person is having as their workload may be affecting them. It is important to be sensitive to what they need. A Line Manager may discuss with them what they

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