Unit 303 Health and Social

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UNIT 303 Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. 1. Diversity What is meant by diversity is difference. Everyone is different not every Pearson in the world can be the same. Equality Equality means that everyone should be treated like an equal. Inclusion Inclusion means to include everyone within a group not leaving anyone out because of their race, gender etc. 2.) Potential effects of discrimination are anger, felling humiliated. The person being discriminated against will feel worth less and alone. 3.) Inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity because it makes people feel better about them self’s and happy in their environment. 2 Legislations. Equality act is applied to my role because I believe everyone should be treated equal no matter what race, believes they may have. Sex discrimination act is applied to my role because I don’t treat men and different than I would a woman. Everyone should be treated like equals. Race relations act is applied to my role because I don’t judge anyone by their race and believes. Codes of practice. Confidentiality applies to my work role because don’t give out any information Outside of work even to my co-workers Dignity and privacy applies to my role as a health worker because everyone has a right not to feel like they don’t have any dignity left and those they don’t have time to them self’s. 3.)I would challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change by telling the person that I believe is discriminating by saying I think you didn’t deal with that situation right and that I would do it like this and explain to the person what they just did is discriminating. They might not realise what they did was wrong so by challenging the problem and explaining the person might have better understanding and it might promote change in the
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