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Unit 4222-301 Promote communication in health, social care or children's and young people's settings (SHC 31) Outcome 1 1.1. The different reasons people communicate:- Service users can express what their needs are or what sort of support they may require. Service users and carers alike communicate to build and maintain a good relationship. Carers documenting and sharing all relevant information (so that continuity of care can be kept). If unsure of anything, always ask questions. Sharing experiences/knowledge/ideas you may have with others. 1.2. Communication is the basis of all relationships, you can build on trust and respect. Communication can lead to good or poor service within the Adult Social Care setting, from service users and the care workers alike. Good communications with your colleagues can improve the service provided and ensure all tasks required are completed to the highest standard. Good communication with service users should make them feel more confident and outcomes that they identify can be achieved. Poor communication could result in endangerment to service users and to the care worker. For example:- Poorly kept documentation or the incorrect information relayed could result in requirements not being met or the wrong medication being given. Outcome 2 2.2. Factors to consider when promoting effective communication:- Health problems/Disabilities/Impairments. Different first language. Dialect (i.e. Scottish/Irish/Welsh or as I have found out in person Cornish). Environment – hot/cold, light/dark. Distress and/or emotional difficulties. Outcome 3 3.1. People from different backgrounds may frequently use or interpret communication methods, such as communicating using hand gestures as they do not/can speak very well or do not speak very good English, therefore gestures can be misinterpreted, a

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