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301 Principles of communication in adult social care settings Task B case study Bi How would you explain the term ‘confidentiality’ to Hannah? Whilst it is Hannah’s right to make decisions for herself and choose not to want to take the medication, in this case from the information given it could be detrimental to her health and therefore I would explain to Hannah that the information given to me is in confidence. Although Hannah not taking her prescribed medication could put her at risk of harm and therefore I would need to pass the information on to my Manager to ensure her wellbeing is being addressed. It is Hannah’s choice who she shares information with and I would give her my assurance that the information would not be shared with her daughter unless she consented to it. Bii Describe the possible tensions that may arise between telling others of Hannah’s decision and keeping this information totally confidential. The range of people that would need to share the information would be those directly involved with her care, healthcare professionals including her GP who can work with Hannah to help her understand the benefits of taking her medication. If the information was shared with the daughter this could cause upset and potential breakdown of the relationship. Hannah has the choice to inform her daughter or not. Biii Describe ways to maintain confidentially in day to day communication. Ways to maintain confidentiality in day to day communication are to keep all patient details and any information relating to them should not be in view of anyone and kept safe at all times. You should always not discuss any information with anyone other than legally involved, this sometime includes a family member. When patient are in clinic you should make sure that curtains are closed, doors are locked and making sure there is privacy. You should always make sure you

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