Unit 3 Task 2 Essay

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Key terms - Health - Safety - Danger - Accident - Procedures - Policy - Risk assessment - Regulation - Practitioner - Emergency - Responsibility - Fire exit - COSHH - Contacts - First aid - Injury - Age stage appropriate COSHH- Control of substances hazardous to health regulations - A law that required employers to control substances that are hazardous to health - Reduce/prevent exposure to workers by: - Control measurement’s (risk assessment) - Plan for emergencies - Control measurement’s to reduce harm to heath RIDDOR- Reporting of injuries, disease and dangerous occurrences regulation - Employer had the responsibility to report deaths, injuries, accidents etc. HASWA 1977- Health and safety at work etc. act Abuse- To act harmful or unjust towards someone Example- A worker in an elderly care home that neglects the needs of the elderly patience, for example giving them water but leaving it out of their reach. Injured – being harmed or hurt Example- In a hospital setting a patient can fall and hurt themselves. Acquired infection- An infection that has been spread to another during hospital care, and the infection was not present when the patient was admitted. Example- A patient is admitted into the hospital with a head injury and the nurse is looking after the patient does not realise till after treating the patient, they have HIV and it has spread to the nurse. Psychological distress- this is a general term used for the end result of internal conflicts and external stress, this stops a person from communicating with others and thinking for themselves efficiently. Example- A nurse has to many patients and they are not focused on each individual patient and have an external breakdown as they are stressed. Inappropriate care planning- A plan of care that has been made for a patient but is not 100% organised and or out of

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