Unit 3 P2

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Unit3 Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care P2-M1 In this assignment I will be talking about the different types of legislations and why they are important. Health and safety at a workplace is important because it ensures that all workers are being protected, it is also important because workers are being protected from illness and if they have become ill because of work the health and safety at work act 1974 can make sure a risk assessment is taken so hat other workers stay safe and the same thing does not happen again. Health and safety at work act 1974 is an act that covers everyone such as employees, employers and the service user. Within this act they provide training for workers, students and anyone that is on a placement or someone that is doing voluntary work this legislation has been helping people and workers for 30years. This act has helped people save their lives and be able to carry on working; this act covers people in the UK for example England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The health and safety at work act 1974 is carried out in hospitals, business and schools even before they are open to the public they do this to make sure that everything is safe and they can do risk assessments to make sure no one is at danger of being hurt and they are in a safe environment. When a risk assessment is done you have to keep a recorded to make sure you are not making the same mistakes again. Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 These regulations require employers to minimise the health risks associated with manual handling, a term used to describe activities which involve lifting, carrying, moving, holding, pushing, lowering, pulling or restraining an object, person or animal. Employers should: * Avoid the need to lift, carry, push, pull, lower or support loads wherever possible * Mechanise tasks where they cannot be avoided
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