Unit 3 P1 Essay

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What is a hazard and a risk? A hazard is something that can cause any sort of harm to someone, for example: electricity, chemicals, liquid on the floor, dirty equipment or noise. A risk is how high or low the chance is of the hazard actually haring someone. Setting and service user The setting which I am choosing to identify hazards is in a nursery for children aged 2-4 years old. This is because I am familiar with this particular setting as I completed two weeks of work experience at a nursery. A nursery is a childcare centre that cares for children aged from 0-5 years old. Nurseries can range from caring for a small amount of 10 children to 100. Some nurseries are private but others may be funded by the government. The service users which are the children are completely reliant on the service users because this stage in their lives is preparing them for primary school. • Physical Environment – Water & Electricity Leaks can cause wet floors, walls and carpets if this is a reoccurring hazard it can cause rotten floor boards and walls. All of these things could possibly result in children or staff harming themselves if they slip or trip in the water. If children in nursery are very young and do not know better they may try to swallow the water of the floor or walls which can lead to them getting really sick. Although the supervisors do try to prevent water spillages it is very hard as sometimes water leaks from pipes and staff may not realise until it starts to have a visible effect. Faulty electricity appliances can cause blackouts inside the nursery which can result in a large number of issues such as children and staff falling over and bumping into obstacles which can cause serious injuries. Overloaded sockets, frayed flexes and power surges can cause fires burns and electrical shocks. • Equipment – Computers/Display screens & Dirty kitchen utensils Most

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