Unit 3 P1 Essay

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Health and Social Unit 4 (P1) I am going to talk about hazards in a nursery and how people can be at risk. What are the hazards? | How can they be a risk? | Who does it effect? | Wet floor | People getting hurt, bones getting broken. | Children can easily fall over even if they aren’t running over the wet floor. To prevent this there should be warning signs before the wet floor. For example “caution wet floor alert” The care workers are also at risk because they can still fall over with them knowing that the floor is wet. | Doors | There is a lot of risk with doors, fingers being squashed leading to broken fingers, feet, legs being caught in them. And there is also a risk of not having passwords on doors. If there isn’t a password on a main door for instants the door to get into the garden which can lead to a field or a road, then any child can escape and then hurt themselves on there way. | Mostly the children are at risk because they are smaller and more things can be injured. | Windows | Falling out of them this then can lead to escaping, fingers getting hurt if there not opened properly. Blinds cords can get caught over the children's necks. This can lead to anything such as suicide by accident or neck just being very bruised. | Both care workers and children can be hurt. Both can get caught in the cords and both can catch the fingers by accident. | Furniture | Furniture can be a big issue, because they make climbing and investigating a lot easier. Such as if a cabinet is under a window this is very easy for a little child to climb up and look out the window and then fall out. If the furniture isn’t right up to wall or up to something and there is a little gap then there is a high chance that the child will play hide and seek or just do it for fun and get sucked behind their and cant get

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