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Jaleel Fields Unit 3 Labs NT1210 3/30/2015 LAB 3.1 1. Why would a three­layer model of communication that has the layers physical, network, and application be insufficient to adequately describe network communication? The three layer model will be insufficient because it will not have the ability to transport data to any other network. 2. What is the history of the OSI reference model? How did it come about and why was it created? Use your textbook and Internet research to support your answer. Two projects began in the late 1970’s that was geared to a project that led to expanding the architecture of networking systems. One was the ISO(International Organization for Standardization) and the other was International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee. Early 80’s the two merged networks and put together OSI(Open Systems Interconnection). 3. What is the history of the TCP/IP model? Why was it created? Use your textbook and Internet research to support your answer. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Program(Protocol is the earlier version) and Internet Protocol. These two were created basically at the same time by 2 Darpa Scientists without one it would be hard to nearly impossible to have the other. This system was created because it was a way that any network could communicate with another through a gateway. LAB 3.2 1. How does the abstraction of the physical layer facilitate interoperability across networks using different types of physical wires? Knowing and understanding the physical layout of your networking establishment is important you need to know locations of fiber optics, coaxial cables, twisted pair, power lines and such to have the best networking facilities. 2. The OSI model is not directly implemented in networking and often the distinction between the layers will blur in implementation. Why

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