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Running head: Intellectual, Achievement and Aptitude Assessment Intellectual, Achievement and Aptitude Assessment Carlos Castillo Kaplan University Psychological Patients Psychological conflicts can progress a person to lots events and experiences. A person can live an entire life without knowing is suffering psychological disturbance. On the next pages I will examine how history, context, and ethics affect assessments for treatment of psychology disturbances. This will be no a formal diagnosis or any type of labeling on the patients. This will be set in two parts: private practice and school setting. Psychologist Private Practice Client 1 Mr. Smith. is a 28 year old, married, father of a 2 year old and a 6 month old infant. He indicated, ”I just can't seem to be happy with anything anymore. I'm miserable and I'm making everybody around me miserable." Few years ago Mr. Smith got married to his lovely wife. They were struggling with making ends meet. Regardless of this fact Mr. Smith’s wife have plans to have children with the next year or two. Mr. Smith explains to his wife that it would be very difficult for the both of them to have and raise children. This situation creates a conflict of interest on both their parts causing serious problems. She take the behavior of not have intimate encounters with him for days at a time or even speak to him. Few years’ later Mr. Smith gives up and started plan to have children with his wife. She got pregnant and gave birth to their first child which is current 2 years old. At the beginning he feel happy when the child came, but when the time pass he start feeling the pressure of being a new father. He just starts working a new job and the hours were very late. He spends long shift hours (approximate 10 to 12 hours) on the job. By the end of the day he feels tired and irritable. His wife starts

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