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Unit 3 - Government Essay

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  • on February 27, 2013
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1. Political parties function to elect candidates and supply them with a label. They are a group of people with a common interest of electing a specific candidate into office.
  2. A difference between U.S. and European parties is that in the U.S., organizations nominate and elect candidates where as in Europe the only way a person may become a candidate is to be nominated by party leaders. In the U.S. there is a primary election that choose who will run for office. The political party in Europe runs campaigns whereas the candidate covers all funds in the U.S. The federal system in the U.S. decentralizes political authority, which decentralizes political party organizations.
  3. In order to become a political candidate in European politics, the party leaders must nominate the person. The party then funds the campaign and the elected official is expected to vote and act together with other members of their party.
  4. Political parties do not play a major role in the lives of most Americans because the parties have not been able to count on the loyalty of voters. The parties serve as a label for voters to identify with but once split ticket voting came into existence, loyalty to parties has diminished.
  5. The causes of political parties cannot be removed and that the only way to control them would be to control its effects. Political parties are a way that creates conflict. They did not want political parties to exist, viewing them as “factions” and dangerous to public interest. Under republican ideology, politics was supposed to be collaborative, not competitive. There should be no place for political parties in American democracy. If people broke into small groups and committed their own narrow interests, then there would be no common good. Politics would eventually lead to battles of conflicting visions, and elections would create division rather than consensus.
  6. The Republicans were the first organized political party in American history. They...

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