Unit 3 Childcare E2

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E2: The children Act 1989 has influenced setting by bringing together several sets of guidance and provided the foundation for many of the standards practitioners and maintain when working with children. The Act requires that settings work together in the best interests of the child and that they form partnerships with parents and carers. This Act has an influence in all areas of practice within setting. For example; planning. The children Act 2004 this Act was introduced as a result of the death of Victoria Climbie and was the introduction of 'Every Child Matters' which ensures the wellbeing of children through its five outcomes. The Every Child Matters framework has influenced settings by giving them and other childcare settings a duty to find new ways of working together by sharing information and working co-operatively to protect children from harm. Special educational needs and disability Act 2001 this act strengthens the rights of children with special education needs to be educated in schools. It also provides parents of children with special needs with advice and information. School action is the action taken when special educational needs are identified by teachers and additional help is then given or different from those provided by the usual differentiated curriculums are put place. (E8) The human rights Act 2000 This Act have had a huge impact in current legislation in the UK. Under the Act it was agreed that children would have the same rights as adults which means children have the right to dignity, respect and fairness in the way that they are treated.
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