Unit 3 Assingment Business Law

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Business Law I-LS311 Unit 3 Assignment Professor Jeffery Hazard Submitted by Sarah Del Moore March 20, 2012 The first situation where Sarah is passing Makoto’s house at night, sees Mokoto’s laptop computer and takes Makoto’s laptop computer off of his porch is known as larceny. This property crime is larceny because it consists of the taking and carrying away of another person’s property with intent to permanently deprive that person off possession. It also involves a trespass onto personal property. (Miller & Jentz) The second situation where Sarah passes by Makoto’s house one night where she sees the laptop, holds Makoto at gunpoint, forces him to give up the computer and then runs away with it would be considered robbery with a deadly weapon. It would be considered robbery because Sarah takes the laptop computer by using force and/or fear. Since Sarah used a deadly weapon for the purpose of force or fear makes this an aggravated robbery. This is a violent crime, whereas the other two situations are classified as property crimes. (Miller & Jentz) The third and last situation where Sarah passes by Makoto’s house one night, sees the computer on the desk from the window, breaks the lock, enters into the house and then leaves with the computer falls under Burglary. This situation would be considered burglary because it consists of many factors that define burglary such as breaking and entering a building with intent of committing a felony; in this case the felony was stealing the laptop. (Miller & Jentz) References: Miller, R. L. & Jentz, G. A. (2010). Fundamentals of Business Law: Summarized Cases (8th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage

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