Unit 3 Assignment

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Unit 3 – Supporting children E1 - Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, The Children Act 1989, The Care Standards Act 2000, Special Educational needs and Disability Act 2001, Protection of Children Act 1999, E2 - The Children Act 1989 influenced settings by bringing together sets of guidance and providing the foundation for many of the standards practitioners follow to maintain when working with children. The Act entails that settings work together with best interests of the child, putting the child at the centre of practice, that they form strong positive partnerships with parents. Involves settings having an appropriate adult, ratios, policies and procedures on child protection. Has an influence in all areas of practice within setting. For example; planning. In my placement the practitioners have a close professional relationship with the parents; I have witnessed parents coming into the setting asking the practitioner for advice, showing trust. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 states: “settings are required to make reasonable adjustments by either changing policy, providing alternative ways to access a provision, or by addressing physical features which make a service impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled people to use.” (www.hse.gov.uk) Settings must make their provision more accessible for disabled children. For example; by having downstairs toilets, wider doors and ramps to the front doors. in my placement the doors are wider to allow access of wheelchairs, also ramps around the building to allow the wheelchairs to move around with no difficulty. The Health and Safety At Work 1974, states all employees in the setting need to meet pacific rules to make them safe and also the environment. They must follow policies and procedures. Everything needs to be in good state and designed properly for the children and staff in the setting, whom will also

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