Unit 3 Assignment 1: Network Design Consultation

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Network Design Consultation Intro to Networking June 09, 2012 Based on the customer requirements the setup seems suited for a Microsoft Small Business Server environment. Microsoft offers several versions of this with the core technology remaining the same. It would seem prudent to choose the Microsoft Small Business Server Essentials package which would allow the installation, configuration and support of a network for up to 25 users so there is significant room for growth as the business progresses and evolves beyond the initial setup. Small Business Server 2011 Essentials provides the fundamental technologies required in creating and supporting a secure network. The software and hardware involved will allow the users to concentrate…show more content…
It would be highly suggested that each user to have secure passwords as part of their login details in order to enhance the security of the environment further. The Wireless portion of the network is possibly the greatest area of potential security concern This needs to be secured so that no open network is presented to anyone within range of the Access Point. A combination of disabling the broadcast of the SSID (Wireless Network Name) with WPA-2 Encryption will create the desired level of security. An additional possibility would be to only allow certain devices to connect to the Wireless Network by restricting them in accordance with their MAC (Physical Network) Address. Finally, if we extend security to include the security of the business data then adequate backup mechanisms and redundancy/ resiliency measures need to be in place. Using cloud-based e-mail ensures the highest level of availability for this critical business service and through configuring the automatic backup mechanisms of Small Business Server Essentials 2011 then all connected devices, server files and even the state of each system is retained for recovery as and when

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