Unit 3 Access Controls

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Peter Quarelli Unit 3 Access Controls 1. Since the Company is so small and concentrates in construction I cant see to many access controls in use. Too many access controls in this situation can harm the company and slow processes down for the employees. This is why I would go with administrative controls and software controls. With administrative controls the employees would know what the rules are. since its so small 1 administrator could easily manage 12 users with software controls such as permissions, user accounts, and restrictions on internet resources. 2. This company is a little more technical with the use of smartphones in the business usage plan. This adds new security holes and threats. In this company I would use administrative, hardware and software controls. I would add hardware controls to make this a more complexly layered protection plan specifically for the mobile smartphone communications. As an administrator I would want to make sure the mobile users are communicating to business related material on the business server securely and from company the given smartphones. 3. This company is a very large multinational Corporation. In this case I would implement all security controls in this example. These would include administrative, logical/technical, hardware, software and physical. There would be areas in the buildings that would be serviceable by only security personnel/network personnel and implementing physical controls would be a safe fix for the issue. The full layered system would provide adequate security solutions. There would be many vulnerable company resources and this itself and could lead to attention for attack. 4.Certainly in this example all layers of access control are going to be implemented in this example. I would enhance physical, logical and software controls. Physicaly I would have server rooms in entirely

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