Unit 28 Nvq Level 2 Essay

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Understand person centred approaches in adult social care settings 1.1-define person centred values Person centered values means the people whom we support are able to be involved and included in every aspect of their care and support. For example: * their needs, * Assessments, * Care delivery, and, * Support planning. So basically person centered approaches, policies and procedures and care practices should put the residents at the centre of the day-to-day activities. It should also include the residents and their families in the planning and maintaining of this 1.2-explain why it is important to work in a way that embeds person centred values It is important to work in a way that embeds person centred values so that a person feels free from threat, both physically and psychologically. This environment could be achieved when being in a relationship with a person who was deeply understanding (empathic), accepting (having unconditional positive regard) and genuine (congruent). Risk taking can be part of a person centred approach as we would choose to use positive and informed risk taking which would involve building a positive view of the individual, and seeking to learn what a person’s gifts and skills are and what people admire about them. In person centred thinking we also explore the consequences of not taking the risk so that these may be balanced against the consequences of taking the risk. Using an individual’s care plan contributes to working in a person centred way as this would be constructed by the client with the support of the care worker so that the client has full control over their recovery, instead of the support plan being constructed by the care worker whereby the client feels as if they have no control of their recovery. 2.1-describe how to find out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual If you work in the

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