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Unit 245 Outcome 1 question 1 I can identify the polices and legislation designed to promote inclusion, human rights of individuals with learning disabilities and of their citizenship and equal life chances i.e. National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990; Disability Discrimination Act 2005; Equality Act 2010; Disability Equality Duty 2006. Procedures and Polices of the organisational kind are; Department of Health 2001a (A new strategy for Learning Disability for the 21st Century i.e. valuing people in, equal life chances and citizenship of individuals with learning disabilities. Outcome 1 question 2 The influence that legislation and policies have on the day-to-day experiences of an individual with a learning disability and of their families is as follows i.e. covert discrimination; overt discrimination; harassment; rights; labelling; vulnerability; stereotyping; inclusion; prejudice; empowerment; abuse; opportunity and equality Outcome 2 question 1 The meaning of learning disability means i.e. ‘an incomplete or state of arrested development of the mind’. An individual with a learning disability will have significant impairment of intellectual function/social and adaptive. Stages of learning disability can range from mild, moderate, severe and profound. Outcome 2 question 2 While there is still no proven cause of learning disabilities (LD), there is knowledge related to what causes LD. Here are three things that could cause LD. 1. Heredity Learning disabilities often run in families. Children with LD are likely to have parents or other relatives with similar difficulties. 2. Problems during pregnancy and birth An illness or injury during or before birth may cause LD. Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, low birth weight, lack of oxygen and premature or prolonged labour may also lead to LD. 3. Incidents after birth Serious

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