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Unit 24 - Store and retrieve information 1.1 Describe systems and procedures for storing and retrieving information There are 3 principle ways that information can be stored. These are 1) physically, using a paper filing system, 2) electronically, using a device such as a computer hard drive, computer program, USB stick, or CD, and 3) online, using a website. The first method, which is that of storing information physically, such as in a large filing cabinet where the contents are sorted alphabetically, or using ring binders to divide information by topic, is frequently used to store documents such as employee files, pupil records (in an educational establishment) and company policies and procedures. Employee files, for example, are relatively easy to retrieve as they are commonly sorted by alphabetical order of surname, while they are usually kept in a known location so that the relevant members of staff are able to access them. Similarly, pupil records may be stored by class, and then by pupil surname, which enables teachers and support staff to view or add to the individual records. In addition, documents (such as application forms for after school clubs, or medical leave forms) which need to be readily to hand for members of staff and/or customers to fill out may be stored in a filing cabinet equipped with labels on the outside of the drawers. This means that they can be easily located and given out as and when required. The second method, that of storing information electronically, is used for a wide range of documents and data. It allows a large amount of information to be stored without using up the often limited office space. Many companies and organisations have shared areas on all computers so that employees have access to files such as calendars, up to date policies and minutes of meetings. This information is usually sorted into topical

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