Unit 23 Essay

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Unit 23 Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning 1. Understand Learning and Teaching Strategies in Lifelong Learning 1.1 Summarise Learning and Teaching Strategies Used in Own Specialism To provide variety and engage with a range of learning styles, I try and include both pedagogic and andragogic approaches in each session (Dewy, 1987). Typically this might involve a 15-25 minute period of presentation and demonstration, including teacher-led discussion and/or question-and-answer sessions, followed by 10 or 15 minutes of individual or group work, then gather the attention of the students again to share progress or problems. For a one and a half hour lesson this cycle might be repeated twice, for example. It is interesting to observe that several students prefer to follow projection slides and handouts rather than attempt to balance printed materials on their laps whilst holding their instruments. Inclusive technology can help motivate learners. To counteract any isolation this might engender, I take particular care to involve those students in discussions and feedback. I also gather suggestions and answers, or try and clarify points of confusion, on a whiteboard that helps to involve the students in a shared experience. The bulk of the lesson time is usually spent in practical work of some sort. I try to vary this as much as I can within the constraints of the course content and the environment. I have tried a few times to get the students to work together as a single team, but each time I encountered an unexpected amount of resistance. What does seem to work is the use of “props”; asking the students to identify and describe uses for a collection of microphones proved much more engaging when the mics were on a table to hold and study while deciding. 1.2 Explain How Approaches to Learning and Teaching in Own Specialism
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