Unit 226 Essay

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Unit 226 1.1 To access information regarding entering and leaving an individual’s home; firstly the line manager should be contacted before the initial entry, for information regarding the times and dates of the visits, to ensure key people have been informed of the visit, how to gain access, what entry systems are in use and any necessary codes. Once the initial entry of the individual’s home has been gained, you should immediately introduce yourself to the individual, showing the appropriate up to date, clearly visible identification and wearing uniform if required. The care plan should be consulted for information regarding the security arrangements for the individual’s home and on departure you should ensure that the home is secured in accordance with the wishes of the individual; that any keys are returned to the key safe, and doors and windows are closed and locked if appropriate. Company policies and procedures should be followed at all times. 1.2 Special requirements and individual preferences for entering and leaving an individual’s home could include how to access keys (such as using a key safe), how to use an entry system and have access to any necessary codes or passwords, to present clear and up to date identification, to phone the individual prior to arrival, and to arrive at an agreed time. Company policies and procedures should be followed at all times, all risks should have been identified at a previous risk assessment and provisions out in place as necessary, and the security arrangements should be double checked with the individual on leaving the property (for example if it is acceptable to leave an upstairs window open during the day in the summer time). Special requirements may also include how the individual wishes to be greeted on arrival, particularly if they are sensory impaired. 2.1 Any visits to an individual should be planned
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