Unit 221 Use Office Equipment

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Unit 221 Use office equipment 1: Know about different types of office equipment and its uses 1.1 Identify different types of equipment and their uses There are many different types of office equipment. The main ones found in most offices are: Chair - To sit on Desk - To sit at and rest Computer Monitor - pens - work etc. Also for storage. Telephone - To contact people or so they can contact you Fax Machine - To send faxes Printer - To print documents Scanner - To scan Documents onto the Computer Photocopier - To make copies File Cabinet - To store files File trays - To keep useful information, forms Chargers - To charge radios Computer - To produce work Laminator 1.2 Describe the different features of different types of office equipment Roller chair - To make it easier to roll round, move round a desk. It also can be adjusted for my comfort. Desk - It can be different size or shape depending of office needs. High Tec Telephone - It could be hand free set or just have different features such as: answering machine, calls on hold, address book and match more. High Tec Printer - It could include all in one functions, such as: scanner - scan from both sides printer - print color, print both sides, staple, print different sizes and different formats. photocopier - copy color, both sides, staple, can be zoomed in/out produce high volumes of printouts/copies very quickly File Cabinets - Different size for different office needs, can also be draws and be protected with lock. File trays - Can be the size for filing cabinets or good size for the use on my desc, also could be attached to walls for different paperwork. Computer - Can be with different size of screen, can be adjusted for ergonomic needs. Also could be portable. 1.3 Explain why different types of equipment are chosen for tasks Any equipment I choose

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