Unit 221 Use Office Equipment

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Unit 221: Use office equipment Outcome 1: Know about different types of office equipment and its uses 1.1/2 Identify different types of office equipment and their uses 1. Computer  Storing Important Information  Keep customers personal details  Writing letters  To create databases to make work easier 2. Printer  To print documents  Speed up the process instead of handwriting letters 3. Telephone  To contact customers  To contact fellow staff members 4. Fax machine  To send important letters to another business such as invoices  To save money on posting 5. Photocopier  To copy a large amount of pages at one go and reasonably fast  Can copy double sided page quickly 6. Scanner  Can copy documents directly onto your computer  Save time on typing out the full document 1.3 Explain why different types of equipment are chosen for tasks The equipment that you select to do a job will depend on a variety of factors, for example:  If the document may be confidential, faxing would not be a suitable option  The amount of time which you have to complete the task. If you are short time, it is quicker and cheaper to email a document instead of printing and posting it  Where a signature is confidential, faxing would not be a suitable option  The size of the document. For example, it would not be practical or cost effective to fax a 50 page document. In the case you need to send some information to ten people in advance of a meeting which if scheduled to take place the following week. The document is 30 pages long and each person must read this before attending the meeting. Here are five options to which you could do in this situation  Email the document to all the people attending the meeting  Fax the document to each of them  Make ten photocopies of the document and post a copy to each person  Telephone each of the
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