Unit 22 P6 Essay

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Unit 4: Development through the life stages P3: Explain the influences of two predictable and two unpredictable major life events on the development of an individual. In life it is inevitable that we will experience change and unpredictable events, at the same time we are influenced by the changes that we experience. If an individual's life suddenly changes, for example death of a parent or child or being diagnosed with a life threatening illness, they are bound to feel worried, depressed and stressed and as if their life is out of their control. Two predictable events: Starting school This would have a huge influence on an individual’s development; intellectually, socially and physically. Firstly, the physical development would be that they would start doing physical education, ''play time'' and possibly walking to and from school, which would give them a boost in physical development, this is where the individual will start exercising and it is good that they get into enjoying physical activity at a young age, otherwise they may grow up to be lazy, which could increase the risk of them becoming overweight in the future. This may also contribute to a child's self esteem as it is where they begin to learn how confident they are with being around other people and how much attention they like to have on them. Secondly, this is where intellectual and social development would begin as the individual would need to remember which classes they are meant to be at, to remember a teacher’s name and begin to make new friends/ socialize. This where the individual will learn if they are shy or confident, they may be too afraid to talk in class as they are shy, therefore not make any friends or they may develop to be an outgoing person who always has something to say and makes loads of friends. The individual could join clubs at school, this will give them a better

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