Unit 219 Business Admin

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Unit 219 Store and Retrieve Information Start with an introduction about the different possible information systems such as electronic, paper based etc. Explain why it is important to have a system to store and retrieve information. Explain how you protect confidentiality of the information that you deal with and why it is important to do so. If you are given a piece of information to add to the system why is it important to confirm exactly what is required before you start working on the task? How do you get to this page to start with? Is this the start of creating a candidate’s record? I upload my candidate’s CV into our office system (Tracker) the system then recognises the CV and collects basic information of the candidate, such as name, employment title, phone number, address and email address into sections. There is also a quick view option to download CV; also there is an availability box underneath the CV storage which gives a quick overview of basic information about the candidate I have spoken with on the phone. How do you check that the information you have put on to the system is correct and accurate and why is it important do so? Once I have uploaded all of the information about the candidate, I then Save and Close. All the candidates are stored under my username and password with a quick view menu of all candidates I have stored in the all candidates section. When doing this how do you get the candidate’s information up on your screen in the first place to e able to get their phone number? To be able to update candidate’s information I ring the candidate, I have an option on Tracker which is called an ‘Update call’ which I use to store all the updated information about the candidate on the quick ‘update call’ menu about any information they have given me, expand here by saying for example and then explain what the information
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