Unit 218 Essay

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Amberg Rail GRP5000 Office/Site Research 1.1- To ensure relevant information researched; to save time; to prevent errors; to provide information in required format within agreed timescales; to provide appropriate amount of research; to conduct cost-effective research. 1.2- As there are many different ways to find out information, for example the internet, books, requests, word of mouth etc., It is therefore crucial that you make sure the information is correct, relevant and current to your outcome. Knowing for definite what type of information it is that you need, will help in accessing the information and using it appropriately, you need to know the difference between primary and secondary sources of information. You have to make sure that you really understand what kind of information you are supposed to be gathering. 1.3- The purpose of recording and storing research is so that a researcher can look over material when evaluating the results of his study. The information is then available whenever the researcher needs it. 2.1- Agree aims, objectives and deadlines for the information search Agreeing aims and objectives helps me to do my work efficiently as they give me a clear idea of what I need to find and why. Deadlines are also very important to me as our customers and our reputation are negatively affected if don’t complete work in the required time so time limits help me estimate the time I have to spend on each one. 2.2- Information can come from numerous sources, for example, other people such as colleagues or friends, online knowledge baes such as Wikipedia or books on the subject in question. 2.3- 2.4- 2.5- 2.6-

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