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Communication in health and social care or children’s and young people’s settings ; Unit 21 1.2Q;HOW DO YOU ENSURE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION ACROSS ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR OWN WORK? First and foremost is the person you are supporting, speak clear and not too fast do not use jargon use relaxed body posture and no distracting noises like the tv or music. There are also their family and friends, who are likely to be involved in the support plan and good communication builds good relationships with others. We will also have to communicate with colleagues and with other professionals, The way we communicate will be different depending on the person we are communicating with. 1.3Q;WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO OBSERVE AN INDIVIDUAL’S REACTION WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH THEM? Communication is much more than just…show more content…
Discuss all issues with the customer to and try to resolve the problem by apologising if necessary. I would then explain the company’s complaints policy and procedure and get a complaint form for them to complete, if needed I would help them to complete the form. I would then ensure the complaint is reported to my Manager straight away 3.2;Outline your organisational policy and procedure for dealing with individual complaints from people in your care Endeavour to provide an immediate resolution for minor complaints or incidents and where possible provide a course of action within 24 hours. Acknowledge all written complaints within 3 working days. Investigate all written complaints and report on outcomes to the complaint within 15 working days. Agree in conjunction with the complainant the course of action to remedy any complaint. Keep a full written record of the nature and details of the complaint received and the action taken to resolve

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