Factors That Influence Dietary Intake

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There are many different factors that can influence diet. Potential influences can be grouped together into the following categories: - Health factors - Dietary habits - Lifestyle - Economic - Socio-cultural - Education There are many different health factors which can influence an individual’s dietary intake. This means that some result in specific nutritional needs. Such as: - Diabetes- Diabetes effects a person’s diet as the body can’t use sugar and carbohydrates as well as it should as the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin to break the sugars down to turn into a source of energy. - Coeliac disease-Coeliac disease effects diet as if a person had this disease their diet must be gluten free and this could make the body need…show more content…
There are also many policies that influence dietary intake. They are: - Children act 2004- the children act basically says that the aim is to keep children healthy, safe, to achieve and enjoy, make a positive contribution, and to achieve an economic well-being. This would influence dietary intake as it states that children need to be healthy and in order to be healthy children need to eat the right foods. - Every child matters- every child matters is the same scheme as the children act. It can influence dietary intake as it aims to give children a healthy lifestyle. - Nutrition standards for school lunches and other school food 2006- this initiative influences dietary intake as all schools must meet nutritional standards so that children can have healthy and balanced diets. Also if any child’s family has a low income the child is able to get free school meals so they will get a balanced diet. - Healthy schools initiatives- this initiative is used to help schools ‘plan do and review’ health and well being improvements for
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