Unit 208 Health and Social Care

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Please complete all questions in this assignment. Please sign and date each page and do not use Tipex if completing by hand. Please complete the following questions: (Learning Outcome 1.1-5) Where is your company’s Health and Safety policy kept? | Policies and Procedures file (Filing cabinet with staff access) | Where is your company’s accident and incident forms kept? | Accident Book (no 6) (Filing cabinet with staff access) | Who is your named H&S representative? | Martha Nedziwe | What Health and Safety Training are you provided with? (Think of Manual handling etc) | COSHHManual HandlingFire Safety | What activities should not be carried out without special training? | Manual HandlingClinical TasksFirst AidFood Preparation | What safety equipment are you provided with? | Disposable GlovesDisposable Aprons | Where are copies of your workplace risk assessments kept? | With clients Working Files | What legislation relates to Health & Safety? | Health and Safety at work Act*Manual Handling *Management of Health and Safety at Work Regs*COSHH*RIDDOR*Health and Safety First Aid Regs | How and who would you be able to support if you unsure about a health & safety matter? | I would go to our companies Policies and procedures file.Mrs C. Disney (Deputy Manager)In person or by telephone | Case study (Learning Outcome 2.1/2.2/2.3) Risk in the community K was a home care assistant on her first visit to a new service user, Mr W. She had been warned that his house was in poor condition and that he had a large dog. She also knew that he had a history of psychiatric illness and had, in the past, been admitted to hospital compulsorily under the Mental Health Act. When K arrived on her first morning, the outside of the house was in a very poor state – the garden was overgrown, and it was full of rubbish and old furniture. The front

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