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Unit 206 1.1 In a working relationship you have a duty to follow certain rules and regulations, and are held formally accountable for your actions. In a working relationship, personal beliefs and opinions should be kept to yourself. Whereas in a personal relationship, it is more common and almost expected that you follow no formal rules and are free to voice your opinion. 1.2 There are many different relationships when working in a care setting, these may include colleagues, a service user’s advocate/family members/friends, senior members of the organisation, outside agencies/professionals including doctors and social services. 2.1 It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role I am in, and only undertake tasks I am trained and competent to perform properly and safely. One of the main reasons it is so important is to ensure the safety of the people in my care; for example, if I had not been trained in the use of hoists, I would not try and use one because I would be endangering the service user and probably myself as well. Another reason would be to ensure I know my responsibilities in my role and would be able to act appropriately if a situation arose. 3.1 It is important to work in partnership with outside professionals and agencies, so as to help provide the best holistic care possible for a person in a care setting. For example, if a service user has been prescribed medication, but seems to be suffering side effects, it is important to inform their GP so they can review the medication. 3.3 Many skill and approaches are needed when trying to resolve conflicts, it very much depends on the individual case. The first step in any case is to find out exactly what the conflict is, and who it involves, then it might be helpful to have each party discuss their issues, either with each other or to a third party. Once the

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