Unit 206 Essay

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Unit 206 understand the role of the social care worker 1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. The difference between a working relationship and a personal relationship is that a working relationship you have boundaries, professional code of conduct and you need to follow the policies and procedures your work provide, but a personal relationship you can talk about anything you can tell your friends that you have been doing t throughout the day, which in a working relationship you can’t as you need to protect confidentiality. Also in a working relationship you can’t get emotional attached to someone as in a personal relationship you can due to relationships, friends and family. 1.2 describe different working relationships in social care setting in the health and social care setting there are a number of different working relationships you will come across such as relationships with colleagues, managers and other professional teams like doctors and nurses also the service users themselves, friends and family. Each one you will develop a different relationship with and some of these may e more formal then others due to their job role. For example you would not talk to a doctor in the same way as you would a service user as a doctor uses special words and a professional manner, but when talking to a service user you would have talk to the in a way that they understand. 2.1 Describe why it is important to adhere to the scope of your job role It is important to adhere to the scope of your chosen job role because it sets out boundaries that take pace in your job role, it enables you to know what your job role responsibilities are and it shows that level of competence and skills you have and need. If someone asks you to do a job that is not in your jo description then you must say no as you wouldn’t have been trained to
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