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Unit 205 Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care 1.1 Define the following types of abuse Physical Abuse Physical abuse is any intentional and unwanted contact with another person. It can occur to anyone and may result in having injuries. Physical abuse include * Scratching * Biting * Pushing * Throwing * Kicking Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse is when a person is forced into taking part in any kind of Sexual activity. It can happen to men and women, young or old Sexual abuse include * Unwanted kissing * Touching * Pressuring someone to have sex * Threatening someone into unwanted sexual activity Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse is where one person takes power and control over another through words. Emotional abuse include * Name-calling * Making threats * Belittling and untrue accusations Financial Abuse Financial abuse is obtaining property and funds without his or hers knowledge or consent. Financial abuse include * Misuse of a person’s money * Making you hand over your wages or benefits * Controlling your bank account * Running up debts in your name Institutional Abuse Institutional abuse is the mistreatment of an adult at risk by a regime or individuals. It violates a person’s dignity. Institutional abuse usually takes place in care homes, hospitals and sheltered housing Self-Neglect Self-Neglect is when an individual fails to complete their basic needs. Self-Neglect include * Poor Eating * Bad Hygiene * Inappropriate Clothing 1.2 Identify the signs and symptoms associated with each type of abuse Physical Abuse – Bruising, Broken bones, Cuts, Sexual Abuse – Difficulty walking/sitting, Injuries to genital area, low self esteem Emotional Abuse – Depression, Confusion, Change in appetite/weight Financial Abuse – Unpaid Bills, Lack of cash on a day to day basis, depression

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