Unit 205 Nvq 3

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Unit 4222-205 principles of safeguarding and protection in heath and social care Outcome 1 1 The definition of these types of abuse. Physical abuse- kicking and hitting any physical harm caused to the body. Sexual abuse- touching or forcing sexual actions upon someone who hasn’t given consent. Emotional/psychological abuse- calling names and black mail, having a power over someone by manipulating them to do things they don’t really want to do. Financial abuse- taking advantage of someone who has given you their trust, spending money which is for the individuals care. Institutional abuse- is a failure of an organisation to provide appropriate and professional services to vulnerable people for example : discrimination through prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and stereotyping behaviour. Self neglect- when someone stops doing thing for their self eg washing, eating this will cause them to get ill. Neglect by others- leaving someone with mental or physical disability to look after their self and not providing them with the things that they need to live. 2 The signs of abuse Physical abuse- bruising, cuts and scratches, pressure marks, broken bones and even burns . Sexual abuse- bruising around the breast and genital area as well as unexplained bleeding around the genital area, pregnancy, STI `s Emotional/psychological abuse- becoming withdrawal from normal activities, changes in behaviour and maybe depression Financial abuse- no money, food or clothes. Large withdrawals of money from the bank account, sudden changes in the will and the sudden disappearance of valuables. Institutional abuse- poor care standards, lack of response to complex needs; inadequate staffing and lack of choice, individuality. Self neglect- failure to take medicines, leaving cooking unattended, poor hygiene, confusion, weight loss and dehydration Neglect by
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