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Unit 205 Learning out comes and assesment criteria Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children's and young people's settings. Outcome 1, Understand the implications of duty of care 1.1, As care workers, we require a legal obligation to have a 'duty of care' towards adults/ children within a care service, as well as others such as ourselves and colleagues. We are required to work in the best interests of the clients using the service, including the wellbeing and safety of him/her - this would involve the practices that are not harmful to their health as well as our own, for example only carrying out practices within our own level of comptence as well as role and responsibilities. 1.2, it is important to carry out duties that are in my job description, and that i am competent. It is also therefore necessary to regularly update my own knowledge and skills in order to provide apropriate care standards in accordance with codes of practice of care setting and services. This includes the use of any available resources such as, equipment; for example the use of hoists, for the movements of manual and people handling, ensuring training is up to date for example attending any relevant training courses, such as first aid training and health and safty. The importance of understanding values of adult social care, respecting the individual, preserving their dignity, the need to observe and to be observant, especially for confidentiality reasons. It is also our duty to report any concerns by completion of relevant forms, such as accident and/ or incident forms and the use of the 'whistleblowing' policy if necessary. Outcome 2, Understand support available for addressing dilemmas that may arise about duty of care. 2.1, It is important to recognize the balance between an client's

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