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Unit 205 Task A Letter Dear Mark, Health and social care organisations have what is called a duty of care towards the people they look after. That means that they must do everything they can to keep the people in their care safe from harm. It is not only the care establishment that needs to prioritise the safety, welfare and interests of the people using its services, but also the care workers of the establishment. Care workers also have a duty of care for staff members, to ensure that working conditions are safe, and suitable to deliver the service. It also means having the responsibility of being a caregiver for another person. Someone who is too young, too old, too ill, or unfit mentally to care for him or herself and requires another person to assist them on a daily basis. This could include looking after the person's hygiene (cleanliness), safety, meals, transportation, and other medical or physical needs until they are met to a high standard that the service user is happy with. Duty of care affects the way people work as their employer provides the policies and procedures and ways of being aware of dangers by carrying out risk assessments. Social care workers and care giving organisations must do as much as reasonably possible to keep individuals safe from harm.There are two key definitions to risk assessment work, a hazard which is an actual or potential danger or risk. In other words, it is an item such as a toxic chemical or a process for example roofing a building that may lead to an accident. Another been a risk which is a situation that involves an exposure to a hazard and carries the possibility that something unpleasant may occur. The risk of injury may be low or high, and the result of the harm may be slight or grave. Thanks

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