Unit 202 Introduction to Personal Development in Health and Social Care

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Introduction to personal development in health and social care. Unit 202. The duties of my role as a carer include all personal care and to support or aid in general day to day activities such as eating and drinking where needed and the responsibilities of my role is to support personal choice and maintain dignity wherever possible in caring for the elderly patients that I work with. We work under the POVA act to keep the standards as high as possible for our service users during their day to day care. We also have codes of practice and regulations to stick to within the home. Taking time to learn and understand the personal beliefs of the service users we care for is very important to deliver the best quality of care. Asking questions to the service user or their family is an advantage. You should keep an open mind at all times and never dismiss or put down a belief as this would obstruct the quality of the standard of care you deliver to the service user. I believe I have a quite good knowledge and understanding of meeting standards with the care I deliver to our service users and meeting the standards expected within my role as a carer. I also believe I could learn more to enhance my knowledge. If I should need support for my own learning and development within my role as a carer I can ask my nurse in charge or my manager at any point. Having regular supervisions and appraisals help in this effect. I can also refer to service users care plans or ask my manager for training on things I may find difficult. To develop a personal development plan I would ask my manager for assistance and would also involve any family members or advocates for advice and information. Personal choice for the person the plan involves is imperative to make it correct. I have recently completed a dementia awareness course this made me more aware of the different behaviours and
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