Unit 201 Essay

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Diploma Unit 4222-201 BTEC Unit 4229-201 Communication in Health & Social Care |1.1 |Identify different reasons why people communicate | | |People communicate for different reasons, to portray their feelings, emotions, pain, opinions. The communication could be professional, or | | |personal. It is important within health care environment that information is recorded, as it may be called upon for legal reasons. All | | |communications are confidential, and on a “need to know”, basis. Communication between colleagues is essential, so that it ensures a | | |continuity of care for the client, and all staff are aware of the current needs of the client. Communication has a purpose and this is | | | | | |- to gain a sense of belonging | | |- to have our love and emotional needs met | | |- to express our dreams, hopes and aspiration | | |- to try and reach our potential | | |-to communicate our basic needs such as hunger, warmth/cold, fear of insecurity, needing protection from physical harm to form relationships | | |with other people

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