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Unit 4222-201 (SCH 21) Outcome 1 1. There are many reasons why people may communicate they are: • For the service user to let the support worker now what care they would like to receive. • So the service user gets to know the support worker and gain trust and feel comfortable in their care. • To promote confidence in a service user • To promote choice, asking service user what food they would like to have for lunch etc. • To let a support worker know if there are any issues with care. 2. It is very important to maintain an excellent level of communication within the workplace, it has an impact on the service user if not. Communicating well with a service user builds a friendly and comfortable environment to be in for the service user and the support worker. The support worker will get a better understanding of the care needed by talking to the service user as well as reading the care plan. Good communication between staff is vital as well as it shows good team work and no errors will be made on the job, as for office staff keeping support workers up to date is important as it avoids any misunderstanding, calls being missed for example. 3. Having good observation while communicating with an individual is important as you can see if they are comfortable with the conversation through their body language. There might be an issue within the workplace, a service user might not be as talkative as usual and by observing them while communicating a support worker can pick that up and ask the service user if there is anything wrong. Outcome 2 1. No preferences or language needs to follow/ identify, is slightly hard of hearing. Wishes for support workers to follow the care plan to provide quality care. Outcome 3 1. Barriers to communication are: • Illnesses • Environment

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