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Unit 201: Principals of communication in adult social care settings. Task A: Short Answer Questions Ai. Describe four different methods of communication. Verbal - through speech or sounds of the mouth. Sign Language - Use of hand signs Picture Cards - Using pictures and diagrams to communicate Body language - Recognizing body gestures and facial expressions to share information Aii. Identify five different reasons why people communicate. People communicate for the following reasons: Social Interaction & Stimulation Express Emotion To express needs such as eating, drinking To express physical pain or suffering To express thoughts and ideas Aiii. Give two reasons why it is important to observe the reactions of an individual using the service when you are communicating with them. To identify whether or not the individual fully understood what you were communicating to them. To identify whether or not the individual was offended or might have appreciated the information being communicated differently such as how you address them or the tone of your voice. Aiv. Explain why it is important to find out about an individuals language needs. A) communication and language needs. To ensure you use the correct method of communication which is most effective for the individual so you can be sure they understand the information you are giving them and that you can communicate efficiently. B) wishes and preferences. It is important to find out about an individuals needs and preferences so you can deliver support to them in a way which promotes choice and dignity for the individual as well as deliver the care they need and expect. Av. Explain how good communication can have a positive effect on the way a social care worker interacts with: A) Colleagues. Good communication with colleagues has a positive effect because it means

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