Unit 200 - Understand Employment Responsibilities

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Question 1 : | 1.1 | List the aspects of employment covered by law | | Answer : | Working hours Minimum wage Age,gender and racial discrimination Holiday entitlement Health and safety Training Redundancy and dismissalBreak entitlements. | Question 2 : | 1.2 | List the main features of current employment legislation | | Answer : | Employment Rights Equalities and discrimination law Health and safety law. | Question 3 : | 1.3 | Outline why legislation relating to employment exists | | Answer : | It exists to give employers and employee's rules and guides as to what's except able and what's not.Employment laws are there to protect employees and employers regarding minimum wage, health and safety at work, working time regulations, human rights act, data protection, disability and discrimination act. | Question 4 : | 1.4 | Identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights | | Answer : | You can get information regarding employment responsibilities from human resources, the internet, unions and solicitors can also give information and advice. This information can be written or verbal. | Question 5 : | 2.1 | Describe the terms and conditions of own contract of employment | | Answer : | Terms and conditions of my contract of employment. There is a section that explains my rights regarding working hours regarding the 48 hour working week. It explains about holiday entitlement how much in weeks we can expect to have and it gives us restriction as to how much can be taken at any one time. It tells me about how offended I will get paid. It explains that my contract can be terminated and it could be changed with notice and also how much notice I need to give should I
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