Unit 2 P3 Essay

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Introduction: With examples, you are to describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of Waitrose Waitrose is a chain of supermarkets that operates internationally. It has two main resources; physical and technological. Physical resources are objects that Waitrose need to carry out its activities. These include the basics and complex, such as buildings, shelves, shopping facilities, shopping trolleys/baskets, tills, equipment etc. Buildings, equipment & facilities: A building is the most essential and basic physical resource for a business. It is the premises in which the business can operate. Waitrose display their recognised slogan and build a shop design. When a customer enters a store, facilities must be available to accommodate them to carry out activities such as shopping etc. Waitrose usually have a green logo and large shop windows. The logo is green with a grey/white background displaying a clean, simple look. It is essential to display the logo and create an appealing, noticeable look to attract customers. Facilities such as toilets, staff rooms, and tills are also present. Shopping baskets and trolleys are equipment required for shoppers. Shelves and counters display food. A bakery and deli section is present in almost every minimally medium sized store. Tills are needed for checkouts, scanning food and pay - staff operate them. Parking (disabled included) is sometimes available. Staff rooms have lockers, a social area and a dining area. Staff require this to socialise, enrich teamwork and boost motivation. Counters, shelves, chillers and freezers are needed to display food. Cameras and security equipment are needed. Fire exits, fire provisions and first aid kits are also present for health & safety. Without equipment Waitrose would be unable to function and the store would not work as efficiently
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