Unit 2 P2 For A Website

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Effective navigation is the most important feature for any website. A website that is not designed well or does not have effective navigation could cause users to turn away and move on to the next website. Designing an effective navigation links or menus is useful to viewers because it allows them to go through the website with ease. The navigation of a website should never be complicated. They should be easy to find and the following of the information so that the user can get to what they are looking for. First website I believe that has an effective website with all their features is Walmart. Walmart has plenty of white space on their website that makes it easier to locate items on a page. I visit Walmart whenever I want to buy something big or if I want to have my photos developed. I like that I can download my photos from the convenience of my home pay for them and have it shipped right to my door step. Not only does Walmart have effective navigation menus but if a user is unable to find what they are looking for they can search for it by typing what they need. I believe that is another useful feature for websites to have.…show more content…
I like that there is more than one way to navigate through their website that I would like to have for my website because it makes users feel at ease with the website and they know that they will not get lost within the website. The other feature that I like about this website is when a user likes something and they are not ready to pay for it yet. They can put it in the list of saved favorites, so that when they come back to the website they do not have to search for the item again. Saved favorites would be an excellent feature for my website and any website that deals with

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